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January 2017, South Island, New Zealand

Ik zou willen dat mijn hoofd stopte met denken - I wish my mind could stop thinking

You said before it is about losing control – what do you feel when you lose control?
It gives me an uncomfortable feeling, it makes me anxious. Not really physically but in my head I am like: ‘Nononono, you don’t want to do this. – Slow down, just try to look at it and do it another way, keep calm.’ I want to adapt myself to make this uncomfortable feeling more bearable. I want to just live with it.

So you do it because you want to learn to deal with it?
Yes, just to know that it is a part of me and that I can handle it.

Ok, I have one last question, a personal one: Do you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert?
An extrovert.

Ok, thats it.

I wish my mind could stop thinking - why?

Book made in collaboration with Werkplaats Typografie Arnhem.

The book is a summary of two years research for the masterproject 'Ik zou willen dat mijn hoofd stopte met denken' of Lore Viaene.

pictures & concept: Lore Viaene

design: Dorothee Dähler & Malin Gewinner


15,00 x 20,50 cm.

76 pages

ISBN: 978-3-7450-4579-6


installationview Graduation 2017 - KASK Gent - Massereel Zaal

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